Openfire 3.10.2 文档概要


Openfire provides comprehensive group chat and instant messaging (IM) services using the XMPP protocol.

Openfire 基于 XMPP 协议,提供了成熟的群组聊天以及即时通信(IM)服务。

Documentation: 文档:

  • Installation Guide – How to install Openfire. 安装指导–如何安装
  • Upgrade Guide – Instructions for upgrading an existing Wildfire installation into an Openfire installation. 升级指导–如何将当前的 Wildfire(Openfire 前身) 升级为 Openfire
  • Database Installation Guide – How to setup your database for use with Openfire. 数据库安装指导–如何安装 Openfire 数据库
  • SSL Guide – A guide to setting up Openfire’s SSL secure socket support. SSL 指导–如何设置 Openfire SSL 安全 Socket 支持
  • LDAP Guide – A guide to setting up Openfire to work with LDAP user stores. LDAP 支持–如何设置 Openfire 使其可以使用 LDAP 用户存储。关于 LDAP
  • Custom Database Integration Guide – A guide to integrating Openfire authentication, user, and group data with a custom database. 定制数据库集成指导–如何在定制的数据库上集成 Openfire 认证,用户以及群组数据。
  • Pluggable Roster Support Guide – A guide to integrating Openfire rosters with an alternate store. 可插入的花名册支持指引–如何集成 Openfire 花名册备用存储(有点拗口)

Developer Documentation: 开发文档:

  • JavaDocs – Openfire API documentation. Javadocs — Openfire API 文档
  • Building the Source – Instructions for downloading and compiling the Openfire source code. 编译源码 — 下载和编译 Openfire 源码
  • Protocol Support – Provides details on the XMPP support and JEPs that Openfire implements. 协议支持 — 提供 XMPP 支持的细节,以及 JEPs 的实现。
  • Plugin Developer Guide – A guide to writing and installing plugins for Openfire. 插件开发者指引 — 如何为 Openfire 编写和安装插件
  • Translator Guide – Information for those interested in translating the admin console of Openfire into other languages. 翻译指引 — 为有兴趣翻译 Openfire 管理员控制台提供信息
  • Database Schema Guide – A tour of the Openfire database schema for developers and database administrators. 数据库模式指引 — 提供给开发者和数据库管理员的数据库模式教程
  • Customization Guide – Instructions on customization support within the build process for Openfire. 自定义化指引 — 在编译,建立的 Openfire 的过程中,如何自定义 Openfire


An active support community for Openfire is available at 活跃的支持社区

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